Wood Burning Stoves

With gas, electricity and oil prices constantly rising wood burners have become the new popular cost effective way to heat homes. Although buying a wood burning stove for your home will incur an initial outlay cost, compared to new technologies, wood burning stoves are much less expensive. Not only will one of these appliances save you money, wood is a carbon neutral fuel meaning that it does not increase the level of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere when burnt; unlike fossil fuels, making it eco-friendly. The carbon monoxide released into the atmosphere from a wood burning stove is said to be approximately the same as that absorbed by the tree during growth. Although wood is said to a much cheaper, greener and cleaner fuel; some like the idea of having a multi – fuel burner. Many of the wood burning stoves that we supply offer the option to purchase a multi- fuel conversion kit for an extra cost but always check with the retailer before making a purchase as this is not the case for all of them. If your home does not already have a chimney then you can still have a wood or multi- fuel burning stove installed; we can supply and install a rigid twin wall flue system, which will be connected to your fire when installed.